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Recipes for Friends is a 40-page zine filled with 10 original recipes and full-color illustrations. Digitally printed on uncoated 70# paper and saddle stiched together. It is a collection of recipes I’ve come up with over the past few years of working in different kitchens. They are recipes for many of ossasions: birthdays, rainy days, dinner parties, cookie cravings, etc. The illustrations were done by some of my best friends - people I love to cook for.

This is a special little (5.5” x 8.5”) book meant for anyone who wants to cook for or with friends. Purchase your own!︎︎︎

featured illustrators
Jessica Chappe, Nina Weithorn, Serena Caffrey, Kai Blatt, Nicole Ucedo, Sid Williams, Marion Albers, Carina Ramirez, Sadie Schiffman-Elle and Haley Graham

I made the almond butter chia cookies from the zine, sold zines and limited edition prints of art from the zine.

celebrates the zine

I hosted a release party in January of 2020 at Sideshow Books, my favorite bookstore in Los Angeles. I met the owner Tony Jacobs five or six years ago when he was still in his old space off of Sawtelle Blvd. in West LA. We had first discussed collaborating on a food event at the old shop. Tony is passionate about community and creating space for local artists, so to finally bring people together in Sideshow’s newish home after all these years felt so good. It filled my heart to see people from my community of all ages coming to support this project, gathering for the love of food, friendship, and books.
I’m proud of this project for many reasons. It is my first self-published project, produced with friends without whom this would not have been possible. It is also first official gathering of my recipes in a form close to a cookbook (but not a cookbook, a zine!). While a meal can be transformative or memorable, a tangible object holds different value. To be able to hold something, read it over and over again, learn from it and share it with people is a part of life that seems to be less important these days. I’m excited that I have made even the smallest imprint on the libraries of friends, family and strangers who came to the zine party.


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