on the outside

Published Writing

KCRW’s Good Food blog
Sweet Memories 
Interviews,  2014

LA Review of Books blog An Alphabet for Vegan: Laura Wright on The First Mess Cookbook
Interview, 2017

LA WeeklyCookbook and Culinary Shop Now Serving Events in Chinatown
Review, 2018

LA Review of Books Blog
Two Alices and Political Produce
Essay, 2019

Counter Service Magazine
Pp. 63-65 of Vol. 2, Issue 2: Service

Pasta Lady, Essay, 2019

D.I.Y: The King’s Roost Starts From the Grain
Review, 2019

Brand Collaborations

Sheldon Ceramics
Golden Chickpea Pancakes ︎︎︎ 2019

Potli Sautéed Dragon Tongue Beans and Tomatoes ︎︎︎2021

Sunny Tahini
Rosemary, fennel seed and lemon zest crackers ︎︎︎

Fall menu ︎︎︎

RoundGlass Living
Recipe development ︎︎︎

from the inside


Recipes for Friends ︎︎︎
Recipe zine, 2020

SCRAPBOOK: A Pandemic Arhcive from the Los Angeles Food Community ︎︎︎
Risoprinted pandemic archival book, 2022

Recipes for Friends II ︎︎︎
Recipe zine, 2023


Daily Inspiration:
Meet Chloe Chappe ︎︎︎

Voyage LA interview, 2021

Hang onto summer ︎︎︎
promotion for my pop-up
Eater LA, 2022