on the outside

KCRW’s Good Food blog
Sweet Memories 
Interviews,  2014

LA Review of Books blog An Alphabet for Vegan: Laura Wright on The First Mess Cookbook
Interview, 2017

Two Alices and Political Produce
Essay, 2019

Counter Service Magazine
Pp. 63-65 of Vol. 2, Issue 2: Service

Pasta Lady, Essay, 2019

LA WeeklyCookbook and Culinary Shop Now Serving Events in Chinatown
Review, 2018

D.I.Y: The King’s Roost Starts From the Grain
Review, 2019

Sheldon Ceramics Journal
Golden Chickpea Pancakes
Recipe, 2019

Potli Blog
Sautéed Dragon Tongue Beans and Tomatoes ︎︎︎
Recipe, 2021

from the inside


Neither Fluffy nor Emasculated ︎︎︎
Essay on Alice B. Toklas, 2018

Recipe for Friends ︎︎︎
Zine, 2020

Daily Inspiration: Meet Chloe Chappe ︎︎︎
Voyage LA interview, 2021