Liz Prueitt  January 2019

Me at Tartine Bakery in San Fransisco in 2011 eating their pecorino and almond sandwich (photo by Jessica Chappe)

Liz Prueitt is the cofounder/owner of the legendary San Fransisco bakery Tartine. She has been a food hero of mine since I was in high school when I was gifted the Tartine Bakery Cookbook by a friend; I’ve been going back to it for inspiration ever since. For whatever reason though, the show never aired. So in honor of Tartine Manufactory finally opening in Los Angeles I am unearthing this relic to share. We recorded this interview around the time Prueitt’s cookbook Tartine All Day came out. This was recorded live at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC on April 22, 2017. Special thanks to William Broughton for recording and editing this interview and to Medaya Ocher for co-hosting. 

*Since they opened in 2017, the Manufactury has since closed, but there are three Tartine Bakery cafes around LA now.