serves pasta in Los Angeles
My routine for almost a year, give or take the months it took to figure out the right rhythm of the business, revovled around making pasta. Every Monday I sent an email to a growing number of family and friends who bought me out of pasta every time. I also posted my offerings on Instagram, where my mom’s watercolor posters were the main attraction.

On Fridays and Saturdays I packed ice packs, pasta and sauce into a small cooler and drove all over town delivering the goods. I usually ended up standing on the doorstep of a friend’s to chat. These deliveries were a constant that I came to really appreciate in a time of complete uncertainty. 

Below are the posters, pastas and sauces I created for people during the pandemic. At the very bottom of the page is a video from friends enjoying my pasta :)

(Read about where my pasta journey originally began here.)

Goat cheese and braised greens sun ravioli

Farfalle with kale and confit garlic pesto

English pea and pecorino ravioli

Herby goat cheese ravioli

Papardelle with snap pea pesto

Cavatelli with beefsteak tomato marinara

Snap pea pesto and cavatelli

English pea, pecorino, and mint ravioli

Hand-rolled farfalle with battuto de erbe

Hand-rolled cavatelli with amatriciana sauce

Kabocha, braised shallot and miso ravioli
Hand-rolled farfalle with creamy butternut squash squace

Hand-rolled cavatelli with confit garlic tomato butter sauce

Roasted garlic and ricotta tortellini in parmesan brodo

Hand-rolled cavatelli and garlic scape pesto

These photos were taken during my cooking process and also sent to me via the pasta eaters themselves (video included!).

The posters were drawn by my sister Jessica Chappe, my friend Sid Williams, and my mom June Stoddard.