celebrates summer
In summer 2023, I hosted a pop-up at an architecture studio in Highland Park, to celebrate the summer solstice. Read more about my summer solstice pop-up here ︎︎︎

once again
I’ve been a bit trepidatious about hosting pop-ups after covid. The idea of planning, recipe testing, selling tickets and preparing for something that could get cancelled by one covid test has held me back. But over the last few years we’ve all learned ways of gathering that makes everyone feel comfortable and safe. So, after a long hiatus, I finally felt ready to host another dinner at the end of the summer of in 2022. I collaborated on the menu with my friend Alissa Rothman who also made ceramic cups for each guest to take home as part of the meal. Read more about my Moonbeam Kitchen and Friends pop-up ︎︎︎

makes pasta

In early May of 2020 I started making fresh pasta and sauces for delivery to my family and friends around LA. It was the one way I was been able to continue cooking for people during the pandemic and it brought me purpose and joy. Read more about Pasta party ︎︎︎

under the sun

Hosting pop-ups has been a soul-filling experience. In July 2019, I hosted my fourth pop-up, but the first without tickets; this time anyone was welcome. Read more about my summer Pop-up︎︎︎

turns orange

At the end of February 2019 I hosted a very fun pop-up dinner inspired by the color orange. While working at an inn in the Loire Valley for a month, I had the idea to do a feast with produce that all happens to be orange - fall’s bounty. It turned into a collaborative and inspiring feast using orange as it’s guiding principle. Read more about The Orange Feast ︎︎︎

does it again

I hosted my second pop up dinner in October 2017, doing a second installation of my Veggie Comfort Food Feast. Read more about Pop Up Dinner No. 2 ︎︎︎

gets comfortable

In early September 2017 I hosted my first pop up dinner. I called my dinner the Veggie Comfort Food Feast, centering on a food that is comforting, healthy, seasonal, and packed with the best flavors. Read more about Pop Up Dinner No. 1 ︎︎︎

celebrates an icon

In 2016, my final year at Bard College, I completed a senior thesis in literature about The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook. Before graduating, I hosted a feast in Alice’s honor. Graduating with Alice ︎︎︎

makes cookies

In December 2018, I worked on a community project at the Metabolic Studio making and delivering cookies to the unhoused of Downtown, Los Angeles. See all the cookies ︎︎︎