under the sun

I collaborated for a second time with my friend Kai Blatt on the cooking and menu planning of this pop-up. We wanted the menu and event to reflect the simplicity and vibrancy of summer. Our friend Nikky Ucedo was our cashier. In the spirit of collaboration, our friend Liam Montano built us a communal table and benches for the event and our friends Livia Reiner, her sister Rose Reiner, Serena Caffrey, and Toni Fajt played music. The day was a dream come true - at least sixty people came throughout the day and in the late afternoon we had around forty people hanging in the garden, eating and listening to the live music. Hannah Ray Taylor (@instrumentofthecurious) captured the vibe of the day in these photographs. 

Poster designed by Kai Blatt

3 kinds of shrub sodas: celery-ginger-fennel, plum-lavendar-brown sugar, and strawberry-balsamic-honey

Ice cream  coconut with blackberry lemon verbena swirl 

Focaccia sandwich  shaved summer squash, tomato, spinach parsley pesto, goat ricotta