turns orange

We hosted the Orange Feast in February 2019 at a home in Carthay Circle, Los Angeles for twenty-one guests. It was  my pasta debut after working as the pasta maker at Michael’s restaurant from 2017-2018. Kai Blatt was my co-creator, business manager, graphic designer, co-recipe tester as well as bread and pastry chef. Lots of love went into this event. Along with the planned menu, the evening included a non-alcoholic meyer lemon, muddled orange, and orange blossom aperitif to welcome the guests. 

Jessica, Sid, myself and Kai

Poster designed by Kai Blatt

Veggie Mezze  kabocha purée, pickled carrots, crispy mushrooms, salsa verde, saffron flatbread

Printed menu designed by Kai Blatt

Sweet Potato Ravioli  miso, tahini, garlicky greens, chévre

Did you know you could try some of my pasta if you live in Los Angeles? Order some for a future meal ︎︎︎

Citrus herb salad  mint, parsley, kumquats, spiced chickpeas

Orange Blossom Pavlova  persimmon jam, whipped coconut creme, créme anglaise, citruses

All of the above images were captured by Jessica Chappe.