a space for meals

I love to gather people for a meal. I’m a private chef and writer who hosts pop-ups and makes pasta. Read more about my services and events ︎︎︎

a space for interviews

I talk to  women in the industry with an entrepreneurial spirit whose stories inspire new ways of expressing personal narrative through food. Women I’ve spoken with ︎︎︎

 “No one will die because they didn’t get their pie this week – everyone will be fine, it’s just a matter of how it’s explained to the customer. It’s a shift in how we value labor.” Saehee Cho ︎︎︎ 

a space for recipes

I published a zine of my recipes! Read about it︎︎︎

a space for sharing

I write and reflect on the role food plays in history, community, and joy. Read my published words ︎︎︎

Moonbeam Kitchen is where I share my creative food events, projects, conversations, writing, and offerings. Read more ︎︎︎